Take Me to the Beach, Ko Phi Phi

The first time I’ve seen Phi Phi Islands was in that movie The Beach. Maybe it was the cinematography, maybe it was the soundtrack, maybe it was Leonardo DiCaprio (Who are we kidding?! It was definitely Leo!!!) but those white beaches and limestone cliffs were forever imprinted on my mind.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one. Behold:

This is Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi where the actual movie was shot.

White sands : check; Limestone cliffs : check; Hordes of tourists : CHECK… now if we can only get Leonardo DiCaprio here…

Cave of Surprises, Halong Bay

Caves aren’t the most photogenic views to shoot because well… they’re dark.

So what the tourism folks did in Sung Sot Cave (a.k.a. Cave of Surprises) in Halong Bay, Hanoi was incredibly smart. The strategic play of lights and colours highlighted the rock formations and actually made the cave seem like a warm happy place. Clearly, I must get a few of these for my apartment.

Note: Spot Indiana Jones incarnate in the background!

Dunes of Muscat

People mostly travel to see and experience things that are different from what they are accustomed to.

Well these marble quarries in Muscat, Oman are as different as it gets for me. When faced with such grand vistas, one can’t help but think profound thoughts such as:

1. This would be a great location for a Bond villain’s lair.

2. Where is young Anakin?

3. Would I survive a zombie apocalypse in these arid conditions?

Deep. Serious. Thoughts.

Sydney Coast

Late afternoon shot of some beach in Sydney. I actually have no idea where this is exactly and how I got there. (Typical tourist!) I took a bus hoping it would take me to Bondi Beach. (Typical tourist!) After nearly an hour or so I realized I was the only one still on the bus. Luckily, the next stop was this beach… which was totally where I was going in the first place. Really. Pfft.