Banyan Tree in Angkor

Unlike other temples in the Angkor complex, Ta Prohm has pretty much been left to the elements instead of being restored.  The overgrown banyan trees add an eerie and otherworldly character to the ruins.Whatever the design intent was, the Khmer empire sure had an incompetent gardener. I mean seriously!

Fun Fact: This was where they shot some scenes in the Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie.

Kawaii Kids of Japan (Part 3)

Kawaii in Japanese basically means the level of cuteness and you gotta trust these people to create a whole industry out of it (Hello Kitty and TarePanda anyone?) You can’t really fault them I guess when you have such adorable kids as inspiration!

Let me out!

This is how to properly fold table napkins. 

I’m walking out!

This is the final post of the Kawaii Kids series. Previous posts can be found here and here.


By the Bagmati River

He was looking at an on-going cremation ceremony across the river in Pashupatinath Temple.

Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple, the rest can simply look from the opposite side of the river. This ceremony can last for hours, after which the ashes are thrown into the water.


Deserted Beaches of Pamilacan Island

With the advent of budget airlines and on-the-cheap travel guides, once secluded beaches have now turned into party centrals dotted with hotels and pubs. Although there is certainly nothing wrong with that, the appeal of having an entire stretch of white sand and pristine waters all to myself still holds superior to ogling hot guys in board shorts while continuously getting drunk under a giant umbrella.  Well sometimes anyway. One such example is Pamilacan island off the coast of Bohol in the Philippines.

The international flight + domestic flight + land trip + boat ride sure was worth it. And it’s not just the view, or the wild dolphins we sighted, or the freshly caught grilled fish served for lunch. At the end of the day, it’s just being able to lie on the beach without having to worry about your wobbly bits exposed in public. That’s what really matters.

Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore

For a city as densely populated as Singapore, they sure take their urban planning seriously.  The park below was conceived as a “City Room” for community gathering according to their National Parks website.  Whatever that means, it sure looks pretty.

What’s more impressive is the fact that it was sooo well maintained. I’m pretty sure there’s an unwritten rule somewhere that urban parks mean graffiti and homeless people– a rule which this “fine” city has clearly thrown out the window.

Hanging Out in Agra Fort

Do you guys think that some places are more photogenic than others? I do and I think India is one of those countries wherein you can never ever take a bad photo. Maybe it’s the light; that the sun for some reason shines more radiantly in India. Others say that it’s the abundance of interesting sights, sounds and smells… really just a sensory overload.

The above was taken at the Red Fort in Agra. From this ledge you could actually see the famous Taj Mahal from a distance… which I guess justifies risking plunging down into the ravine a few meters below. Life choices.

Note: For the record I never did find the courage to step out into that ledge.

Kathmandu Skyline

When referring to spectacular skylines and cityscapes, we often think about super modern cities filled with glass-clad skyscrapers, bright lights and a Starbucks at every corner.

Without the aid of all those, Kathmandu offers the same breathtaking appeal with the added bonus of fresh air from the Himalayas.

Really not a bad view whilst enjoying breakfast.

Kawaii Kids of Japan (Part 2)

I’ve never been good at taking photos of people because for one thing, most adults get conscious when they know that they’re on camera. Kids on the other hand are just superbly camera ready all the time!

As a continuation to my previous post, below are more photos of Japanese kids taken from around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

Strike a pose!

Stop! I’ve just seen the love of my life in photo no. 1!

Agh! That makes me gag!