Shibuya Crossing

Traversing the Shibuya Crossing is hands down the MOST FUN I’ve had in Tokyo. I kid you not. It was so enjoyable that I kept waiting for the traffic lights to turn red just so I could be one with this sea of humanity five times (or more) in the dead of winter. I hate winter!

Shibuya is a scramble crossing in a sense that traffic in all directions are stopped simultaneously and then the above happens.Β The combination of bright lights, fashionable people and shiny cars just make this the ultimate Tokyo experience. The best part is it’s absolutely free!


37 thoughts on “Shibuya Crossing

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  2. Wow, love this photo so much. The way the light hits the buildings vs. the people is crazy! I am new to the blogging world but am also a 20-something looking to get away. Thanks so much for the like!
    -Alyssa πŸ™‚

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