Sydney Opera House

A building that needs no further introduction, the Sydney Opera House is a quintessential Aussie icon as much as the kangaroo.

Its construction is surrounded by controversies and budget constraints leading to the unjust resignation of Danish architect Jorn Utzon. Formally opened in 1973, Utzon was not even invited nor mentioned in the ceremonies.

A reconciliation didn’t happen until the late 1990s when the Sydney Opera Trust appointed him as a design consultant for future works. Utzon was awarded a long overdue Pritzker Prize (highest honour in architecture) in 2003. A true visionary and modern artist, he died in November 2008.


10 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House

  1. Wow really ? Fascinating. Love learning something new about the place I live. Crossing the harbour on the ferry to Manly ( where I live ) is something I don’t think I will ever grow tired of. Beautiful part of the world if I do say so myself haha 🙂

      • Hahah I know. I truly tried not to sound too biased haha
        I have travelled to a lot of places over the last 15 years or more and I can genuinely say there is no place like home. I am very lucky to live here 🙂 …… Now I think I just sound old !!

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