Happiest Place on Earth

Unlike some people, I’m really not big on theme parks. This is hugely because I’m terrified of the rides. Yep, I’m a wimp so shun me now! One of the things I do like about theme parks though is their attention to detail. They say the devil is in the details but as with Hong Kong Disneyland, apparently so is Mickey!


Safety handrails with Mickey


We should all see the world through Mickey shaped windows– and slowly go insane.


Mickey blatantly discredits the expression “Poor as a mouse”. He’s worth billions of dollars! He does however, give joy to thousands of kids worldwide. Fine.


It took me a while to make up my mind on whether I should post this photo or not. Maybe because the past few days have been an especially trying time for this region and I don’t know exactly what to say but an exasperated “Can’t you all just get along?”  To hear about all the aggression going on in the news after having been there only a few weeks earlier is partly sad but mostly maddening.

Like most people in the world, what I know of the Israel-Palestine region is whatever the news feeds me. I had a lot of naysayers telling me not to go through with my trip but heck, where would the world be if we all listened to the naysayers.  And so I went… and fell in love with everything.

Above is Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities on earth and home to three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. You don’t have to be deeply religious to grasp the cultural and historical richness of this region. You don’t even have to be an anthropology, art or architecture nut.

What’s needed is the basic understanding that none of these really matter if we don’t bother to preserve it and pass it on to the next generation. Preservation does not merely refer to the buildings nor artefacts but more importantly the people.  They are after all the heart of culture and no amount of reconstruction and restoration can make up for the loss of human lives.

Let’s Drink to What?

As a wise man once said “To alcohol… the cause of… and solution to all of life’s problems!” Truer words have never been spoken.

In line with the holidays, here are a few drunken bottle shots. Can you guess which countries these are from? (Hint: They are all from the same region)

Nothing spells vacation like daytime drinking.

Bottle or mug?

Ice cold

Alcohol– best condiment to any dish really

If all the light beer doesn’t cut it for you, then perhaps go for this one… aaaaand promptly say goodbye to your liver.

Enjoy the weekend!

Zoos Make Me Sad

The Singapore Zoo is hailed as one of the best in the world and it seems like it. The animals look well taken care of and healthy. However, I never really liked zoos. Maybe because of that penguin going bonkers while inside the zoo in Happy Feet or maybe because I’m just a plain old hippie. But all zoo animals just seem a little sad to me.

I live a meaningless existence. Sigh.

We need to get out of here! The staff won’t notice the stone elephant in our place!

Me so lonely.

How you view zoos I guess depends on what you value in life. Would you rather be in the wild and live a life of freedom and uncertainty or would you prefer to be in the zoo and live a routine yet comfortable lifestyle?

Note: Free all zoo animals!

Dining With the Carmelite Sisters

Located on the slopes of Mount Carmel is the Carmelite nunnery of Stella Maris Monastery in Haifa, Israel.  The monastery serves as a sort of spiritual headquarters throughout the world with sisters coming in from many different countries– some spend a few years to help while others stay on permanently.

Now the monastery itself has  a rich history but I’d like to focus on their dining room behind.

They aren’t exactly running a restaurant business and I’m not exactly a food critic but I’m gonna write a review nonetheless: They serve the best roast chicken I’ve ever tasted! There you go.