It took me a while to make up my mind on whether I should post this photo or not. Maybe because the past few days have been an especially trying time for this region and I don’t know exactly what to say but an exasperated “Can’t you all just get along?”  To hear about all the aggression going on in the news after having been there only a few weeks earlier is partly sad but mostly maddening.

Like most people in the world, what I know of the Israel-Palestine region is whatever the news feeds me. I had a lot of naysayers telling me not to go through with my trip but heck, where would the world be if we all listened to the naysayers.  And so I went… and fell in love with everything.

Above is Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities on earth and home to three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. You don’t have to be deeply religious to grasp the cultural and historical richness of this region. You don’t even have to be an anthropology, art or architecture nut.

What’s needed is the basic understanding that none of these really matter if we don’t bother to preserve it and pass it on to the next generation. Preservation does not merely refer to the buildings nor artefacts but more importantly the people.  They are after all the heart of culture and no amount of reconstruction and restoration can make up for the loss of human lives.


30 thoughts on “Jerusalem

  1. ”Like most people in the world, what I know of the Israel-Palestine region is whatever the news feeds me.” Same way it is with what the press feeds Europeans about Africa. Sadly.

  2. I loathe this place, & every time I go (not for years now thank heavens) I dislike it more. The city is fine, but what it does to people; turning them from just regular people into religious lunatics & bigots is appalling. The sooner it crumbles into rubble, the better for everybody.

  3. We visited Israel a couple of years ago and were surprised how safe we felt after all the bad press the place gets. We then moved on to Alexandria in Egypt (this was about a month before the troubles began), which didn’t feel anywhere near as comfortable.

  4. Wonderful post, Maria. I have never been to this place, but I would love to one day. I can only hope that the day would come when all of these hatred that we hear on the news would all be over…

  5. I visited Israel back in 2007 and it’s a beautiful country. There is so much beauty and history.

    Historically, peace talks have not come to complete fruition because in the end, one side has to believe, the other side deserves to exist. When that idea is only one sided: protecting and guarding ones existence is what matters and understandable. Living in constant threat is difficult. Sad, it is indeed.

    Israel is A Photographers Dream
  6. Ah Maria… What a timely and touching piece for have brought to fore this day. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if indeed positive and permanent action evolved in response to your exasperated question”Can’t you all just get along”?… for these suffering semite peoples all. However and sadly, due to the two main dead end curses of this world, religion and nationalism, and their political borders, fostering greed and the perpetuity of power mongers, what can I say, but how? You would think that Israel’s Jews whose lineage were subjected to extreme racism in the 2nd world war understand the ultimate consequences, and would lead the way to make peace with their semite brothers. What a sad world because of it! Thank you for making us part of your emotions in this adventure, by not being influenced by the naysayers. Jean-Jacques Fournier

  7. Beautiful and thougtful post, I have the same views as you. It is such a shame that this region must fight over land and religion. Such a waste of young people as well as the old. I honestly do not know how people exist in a climate of such hostility. I would think that after a whie there is a breaking point of the human psyche.

  8. Thanks for the follow. As for your dream of travel, you have plenty of time. And with age will come perspective that will let you enjoy even more than you would now. Meanwhile, thanks for your inspiring words, and enjoy your travels now when you can sneak them in. .

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