As you might have noticed, the blog format has been updated to reflect the changing times—or more specifically to soothe my control-freak-obsessive-compulsive tendencies better.  I do like things done a specific way (yes, I realize I should see a shrink about this but I simply cannot afford one!) and the old format really wasn’t cutting it so THIS happened!


The blog now has more colour—well, one (red) because black, grey and white aren’t really colours are they? It’s also more user-friendly with all the links and share buttons so don’t hesitate to use them.  Seriously, use them. Doooo it.

Do give yourself a tour, grab a (virtual) beer from the (imaginary) fridge and make yourself at home! Rest assured the content still remains as the old useless blurby travel nonsense that is quite reflective of my life—but with better packaging. We are still in the midst of working out a few bugs (argh!) hence posting has been a bit scarce lately. I’m sorry!

Let me know if you’ve encountered any bugs (virtual or otherwise), what you think of the site and how your day went. I totally care.

Lastly, wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year and an adventure & love filled 2013!



P.S. This photo of me walking from a toilet in the middle of the desert is by my good friend Aeus.


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