Trapped in Walls

As promised, here are some close-up shots of a few relief sculptures around Prambanan temple.Image

Relief is actually a sculptural term for chiselling away the background material to give the piece a raised effect.

You could just see the effort that went into this especially since the entire Prambanan complex was just covered with these. Whoa!


Ramayana in Java

The Ramayana is one of the oldest surviving epics on earth.  It’s way up there with the Iliad and Beowulf. Originally written in Sanskrit, it was later translated to different Indian languages and subsequently into several more languages as Hinduism spread.

The scene above was shot in Java, Indonesia. It shows Sita, the female protagonist and love interest of Rama, as the symbol of beauty, purity and obedience. It’s a very old school view of women, yes, but then again this is a very old story.

Bali High

I’d like to say that this photo sums up everything that Bali has to offer: sun, sea and surf.  Although Bali is famous for all these and rightly so, what truly makes this island special are the Balinese people.

Some of the nicest people I’ve met are Balinese and they’ve probably thought nothing of it but my short encounters with them will always be remembered.